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Fukushima Probe Highlights Nuclear Regulator

A new independent report on the Fukushima radiation incident is now available.  The report has some important lessons for regulators, and incident communications.  A link to the report is available within the full story posted on the ARPS website. Thanks to George Anastas for bringing this to my attention so it could go on the website,

IAEA Radiation Protection of Patients web site

The IAEA Radiation Protection of Patients web site is a useful source of information for both patient and referrer about medical radiation, and is the most popular part of the IAEA web structure.

More information can be found here.

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Vale Lesley Ronald Wilkinson, MARPS

It is with sadness that we inform you of the death Les Wilkinson on Friday 18 October 2011 at 10am. He died peacefully at the Carinya Residential Care Centre.
Les had been an ARPS member since 1990 until he had to resign due to ill health in 2009. He also served on the Radiation Protection Committee for many years and for some of this time he was deputy chair.

The myth of renewable energy

The myth of renewable energy

24 Hours at Fukushima

A blow-by-blow account of the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl

By Eliza Strickland  /  November 2011

Sometimes it takes a disaster before we humans really figure out how to design something. In fact, sometimes it takes more than one.

Other nuclear stories at ieee

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New release from the ICRP

Education and Training in Radiological Protection for Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures

ICRP Publication 113 – Ann. ICRP 39 (5), 2009
E. Vaño, M. Rosenstein, J. Liniecki, M. Rehani, C.J. Martin, R.J. Vetter

Mobile phone findings released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer

In recent media, there has been reporting on the WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) who have classified radio-frequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer1 associated with wireless phone use. Two press releases from the Australian Cancer Council and American Cancer council are provided.

World cancer research agency finds possible link between mobile phones and cancer

Harvard School of Public Health Center for Continuing Professional Education

Harvard Scool of Public Health

The Harvard School of Public Health Center for Continuing Professional Education offers two training programs which may be of interest to ARPS members.
Radiological Emergency Planning: Terrorism, Security, and Communication trains professional to plan for and respond to a radiological emergency.

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 An Australian company, “Australian Radiation Services Pty. Ltd.” and long time corporate member of ARPS, has had its logo used inappropriately by hoaxers to try to justify a malicious and false map indicating nuclear fallout across northern Alaska and America from the Japanese presumably aimed to spread panic. 

The Managing Director of Australian Radiation Services , Dr Joe Young has indicated that neither he or his company have anything to do with this. They have a disclaimer on their website here .

Our advice to members is to confirm that this information is false when a query is raised about the map or the false information in it.

Ron Rubendra
President ARPS

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Japanese Reactor Safety following tsunami (Fukushima Daiichi)

As many of you are aware Japan has recently suffered a major tsunami caused by one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history. There has been (a still be determined) enormous loss of life just from this and the situation is still developing.  

What we do know is that there has been major failures in the local infrastructure and judging by the tsunami footage that has been aired, this is not surprising .

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